The Ultimate Walking Game

Ever wonder if your company has what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Your days of questioning your company’s survivability chances are over.

Every day the zombie horde advances, and every day your employees must stay at least one step ahead of them.

Not Just Another 10,000 Steps Program

A Step Ahead: Zombies is a fun new spin on old and boring pedometer programs. This interactive game and website gives your employees a fun theme that puts a spring in their step throughout the walking challenge, with a story that unravels over the course of the 6-week challenge. Move from safehouse to safehouse, building up to a climactic rescue attempt. Will everyone make it out together?

Zombie Survival Interface
Zombie Survival Interface

Stay Together To Survive

Groups will have to stick together if they want to make it out alive. A Step Ahead: Zombies is a team-based, socially-connected challenge, with trackable exercise and diet items available for extra progress in the game. Workouts logged stem the tide of the Zombies’ advance, while tracking and improving your diet makes you more resistant to Zombie contact.

Falling Behind?

About to be caught by the zombies? Well it’s not the end of the world (that’s just the setting), it just means that you might become one of the zombies now, and THAT means your steps set the pace for the zombie horde. Once turned, participants can literally chase (and turn) their coworkers.


The zombie apocalypse is here! Thankfully, your company was swept off to a secret government bunker outside of the city, where you’ve been for months, safe from the zombies outside. With supplies running out, a mysterious radio transmission comes in promising a cure, and your only choice is venture out from the safety of the bunker to investigate.


  • Immersive story with weekly chapters that unfold the mystery of the zombie outbreak
  • Light-hearted tone and graphical style that’s appropriate for all ages
  • Team-based play
  • Epic zombie battles
  • Built-in employee rewards system
  • Encounters with special zombies, colorful characters and familiar locations
  • Automatic sync with devices from Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and Withings
  • Diet and Exercise Tracker, with special supplies and powerup rewards for healthy behaviors

Zombie Survival Interface
Zombie Survival Interface