A fully customizable corporate wellness toolset.

With a modular design and extensive customization options, UtiliFIT lets you use only the features that are meaningful to your group, and then tailor those features to your company’s individual needs.

UtiliFIT works on any Internet-connected device.

Anti-Sedentary Games

UtiliFIT games get you up and active throughout the day, protecting your body from the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

Exercise and Diet Tracker

Be more aware of your daily and weekly exercise, diet and lifestyle choices with trackable goals that earn leaderboard points and Weekly Progress stars.

Team Play

Team play isn’t just fun… it utilizes social psychology to drive behavioral change and drive stronger, more sustainable engagement.


More than just a carrot on a stick, rewards and recognition programs can increase performance by 27%… 44% for team incentives.

Pedometer Integration

UtiliFIT integrates with the most popular activity tracking devices from brands like Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Nike and Garmin.

User Leveling

UtiliFIT intelligently scales activities to your fitness level. As your real-world performance improves, your challenges scale with your abilities.


See how you’re doing on the daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards for both individuals and teams, with fun stat highlights too.

Weekly Health Progress

UtiliFIT’s 5 star weekly health meter helps you gauge your activity across the pillars of healthy living: exercise, diet and activity.

Office-Friendly Activities

UtiliFIT’s ever-growing library of activities is over 300 strong and includes office-friendly, yoga, desk-based, and even Crossfit-inspired activities.


Annual UtiliFIT programs include a personal health coach to inspire your group and develop games, challenges and content tailored specifically to your culture.

Data Reporting

UtiliFIT’s powerful reporting engine can output detailed reports showing everything from broad monthly engagement to the specific time of day employees are most (or least) active.


UtiliFIT was designed to be customized to fit your culture, office environment and employee demographics. Choose only the features you want, then tweak them to fit your needs.

Don't just sit there!

Learn more about UtiliFIT's annual programs and 6-week Corporate Wellness challenges.