Which UtiliFIT solution is right for you?

UtiliFIT is available as an annual corporate wellness service, as 6-week corporate challenges, and a pedometer-based walking challenge.

Annual Corporate Wellness Solutions

Integrate UtiliFIT into your daily corporate culture with concierge level support that takes your office culture, corporate wellness history, employee goals and leadership values into account for a daily activity experience that’s tailored for your company. Sitting is the new smoking… but it won’t be for your company.

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Program Highlights

  • Gets your employees up and active at their desks throughout the day without disrupting the work day.
  • Year-round corporate wellness solution.
  • New games and quarterly themed challenges keep the experience fresh and fun.
  • Dedicated one-on-one health coach to actively develop games and challenges to fit your company culture and demographics.
  • Include only activities that are appropriate for your workplace and employees, with over 200 activities (and growing) to choose from.
  • Affordable PEPM pricing includes a full year of UtiliFIT for less than the price of a one month gym membership.
  • Choose only the modules you want: Games, Tracking, Raffles, Progress, Teams, Pedometer
6-Week Corporate Challenges

Not sure about an annual corporate wellness program, or just looking for a one-time challenge to fire up your team? We have four distinct 6-week corporate challenges to choose from that have various themes and areas of focus. Signup is easy, and you are only a few clicks away from getting started.

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Program Highlights

  • Simple turn-key challenge solution with all the benefits of UtiliFIT’s anti-sedentary game engine.
  • 6-week duration.
  • 4 themes to choose from including Office-Friendly, Yoga, 5K Training, and Getting Beach Ready
  • Your own private domain – play with your group.
  • Large library of 200+ activities.
  • Includes UtiliFIT Core and Tracking. Add Raffle for the most engaging experience.
  • Get up and running quickly.
A Step Ahead: Zombies

The ultimate walking game, A Step Ahead: Zombies is a pedometer-based walking challenge that gets your employees walking to stay ahead of the ever-growing zombie horde. Fun game mechanics and an unfolding story with special events help motivate your employees to team up to survive.

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Program Highlights

  • Pedometer-based walking challenge with exercise, diet and lifestyle tracking.
  • 6-week duration.
  • Immersive story with weekly chapters that unfold the mystery of the zombie outbreak.
  • Walk to stay ahead of the horde. Track exercise, diet and lifestyle to beef up your combat and health stats.
  • Your own private domain – play with your group.
  • Built-in rewards system.