UtiliFIT 6 Week Corporate Challenges.

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UtiliFIT for Corporate Wellness

6 Week Corporate or Group Wellness Challenges With (or Without) Built-in Rewards

In the market for a short term challenge that gets results? Look no further than one of our 6 week corporate challenges. Each wellness challenge is focused on a different theme. These are off the shelf, plug and play solutions for your team or company. Choose one of the challenges below, you’ll answer a few questions about your group and you’ll be up and running in no time. You will have the option to run the challenge with, or without rewards and prizes.

Office Fitness

Office Fitness is a 6 week challenge focusing on light, easy movements that can be completed in office attire (suits, dresses etc.) at or around your desk. Looking for a challenge that gets you up from your desk and puts a spring in everyone’s step around the office? Look no further than this challenge.

Foundation Exercises:
Walking, Chair Squat, Seated Stretches, Seated Dips, Low Intensity Jumping Jacks, Desk Pushups…


Beach Ready

This 6 week challenge is physical training (PT) focused, designed to build strength and definition. All exercises are body weight based, and will include a mixture of Cross Fit-inspired moves, floor work (pushups, sit ups, etc) and cardio. This is our most output intensive challenge.

Foundation Exercises:
Pushups, Air Squats, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Situps, Planks…


Woo Sah!

This 6 week challenge is meditative, yoga and flexibility focused. Perfect for groups that want to reduce stress and improve core strength and flexibility. Woo Sah includes some diet and hydration elements as well to foster balanced well being during the challenge.

Foundation Exercises:
Various Yoga, Seated and Standing Stretches, Walking, Hydration…


Run Away with this 5K

The next 6 weeks will push your group towards a walk/run 5K challenge. Every day will take you one step closer to completing a 5K course. While focused on building endurance, this challenge (like our others) includes some balanced activities and will not neglect your strength and flexibility.

Foundation Exercises:
Walk, Run, Jog, Lunges, Jumping Jacks, Sitting and Standing Stretches…

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