The year-round sitting solution for corporate wellness.

UtiliFIT will get your employees up and active throughout the day without disrupting the work day.

Year Round Office Fitness

UtiliFIT Corporate wellness is an annual program that consists of 4 seasonal corporate challenges supported by the UtiliFIT anti-sedentary game engine year round.

One-on-one Health Coaches

Your company will be assigned a certified health coach who will be responsible for optimizing the UtiliFIT engine to fit your company’s culture and values.

Fully Customized for Your Company

We’ll take your past corporate wellness history, organizational goals and physical space into account when designing your UtiliFIT program.

A Healthy Company Culture

We optimize for each individual company because, at it’s core, UtiliFIT is about healthy behavior change, and change is only sustainable when it’s part of your company culture.
UtiliFIT for Corporate Wellness

Engage your employees.

We’ve identified 4 components that make UtiliFIT engagement soar…

Leadership Engagement

“If my boss is doing it, I might as well!” When leadership participates and encourages employees to be active, they are.

Rewards and Recognition

More than just a carrot on a stick. User engagement skyrockets when there is something at stake.

Positive Past Experience With Wellness Programs

While not required, in this case, success in the past often points to success in the future.

Team Based Play

Teams enable the right combination of competitiveness and social pressure to drive engagement passed what can be achieved individually.

With these 4 components, companies can see engagement north of 73%.

A year of UtiliFIT costs less than most 1 month gym memberships.

Select the features that work for you.

Our modular design allows you to use only the features you want.

UtiliFIT for Corporate Wellness

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